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Day 1   Thursday Jan 18, 2024
4:20 - 5:05pm
I came in like a wrecking ball - Trauma #1: Abdo/Thoracic/Pelvis Trauma
Presented By:

Dr. Joe Nemeth

  • Review abdo/thoracic/pelvic trauma in children, presenting material at the level of a PEM fellow/adult emergency medicine consultant.
  • Review indicated investigations and subsequent management utilizing a case based approach.  
  • Highlight evidence-based management and variations in practice patterns where appropriate.



  • Discuss common and important thoracoabdominal injuries
  • Discuss traumatic coagulopathy and review damage control resuscitation
  • Discuss literature around TXA
  • Review the literature on trauma fluid and inotropic support
  • Discuss the role of imaging in evaluation of thoracoabdominal injury
  • Highlight ATLS updates specific to pediatrics


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